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Nobody expects to get injured while running errands or having fun with friends and family, but the truth is that accidents and injuries can happen anywhere. They can happen at grocery stores, restaurants, pools, parks, and malls. They can happen on stairs, on slippery floors, on escalators, and in parking lots. In many cases, these accidents are caused by the property owner’s negligence. 

When a person is injured on someone else’s property, the victim often has the right to sue for compensation under premises liability laws. A Mobile, Alabama premises liability attorney from Roger Varner Injury Law can help you understand the laws involved and how you can get the most compensation possible for your injuries.

Alabama Premises Liability Law

Alabama has premises liability laws that protect visitors and guests. Owners or managers of any type of property, whether it be a home, a local business, or a major corporation, have an obligation to keep it safe. All parts of the property need to be safe for guests, including sidewalks, aisles, stairs, and restrooms. 

To uphold this duty, property owners and managers need to inspect their properties on a regular basis and fix any defects they find. If they find a hazard, they need to warn guests, keep them away from the danger, and fix it as soon as possible.

There are four elements that apply in premises liability cases:

  1. The accident must have been caused by an unsafe condition.
  2. The unsafe condition must have led to an injury or damage.
  3. The property owner knew or should have known about the unsafe condition.
  4. The property owner had the opportunity to repair the unsafe condition.

Categories of Visitors

The duty that a property owner owes a visitor depends on the type of visitor. Under Alabama law, visitors fall into three categories: 

  • Invitees. An invitee is owed the highest duty of care. This can be a guest at a restaurant or a store customer. A property owner is required to use reasonable care to keep the premises in safe condition for invitees as well as warn them of dangers.
  • Licensees. A licensee is owed a higher duty than a trespasser but less than an invitee. This is usually a social guest, such as someone attending a party or BBQ at a friend’s house. A property owner has a duty to not recklessly injure the licensee, and not expose the licensee to dangers such as obstructions and any other dangers that are created through the landowner’s negligence.
  • Trespassers. A trespasser enters someone else’s property without the owner’s permission. A trespasser is owed the lowest duty, but the property owner still cannot purposely injure a trespasser by setting booby traps. Children are owed a higher duty, since children are often unaware of the dangers. 

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Property owners need to abide by premises liability laws. When they fail to do so, they can be held liable for any injuries.

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