Truck Accidents Attorney in Mobile, Alabama

When you see a massive commercial truck speeding down Interstates 65 and 10, Alabama state roads, and other highways around Mobile, you can guess the kind of destruction they are capable of causing in a truck accident. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), semis, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and other large trucks are behind more than 4,550 traffic crashes every year. These accidents cause around 150 fatalities, while another 1,830 victims suffer devastating injuries in truck collisions.

If you were hurt or lost a loved one in a truck crash, you should know that you have legal remedies for recovering compensation from the at-fault driver. The Roger Varner Injury Law team is prepared to pursue all options and overcome the unique challenges with these claims. Please contact us to set up a free consultation with a truck accidents attorney in Mobile, Alabama. We can provide personalized details after learning more about your story, but a summary of the legal concepts is informative.

Liability in Alabama Truck Accident Cases

Traffic crashes happen because of negligent acts, but this term means more than mere carelessness in the practice of law. Negligence is a theory of liability, which requires you to prove that the accident happened because the at-fault motorist failed to drive safely. Examples include speeding, running red lights, driving while intoxicated, and many others.

However, there are some forms of negligence that are unique to truck collisions. Keep in mind that the size and weight of a truck, along with the weight and nature of its cargo, require intense attention to detail. Accidents may also be caused by:

  • Improper loading or failure to properly secure cargo on the trailer;
  • A truck operator’s failure to comply with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations established by the FMCSA;
  • Not conducting inspections, performing ongoing maintenance, and making repairs to the semi tractor;
  • Negligence by an employer in hiring an untrained, unqualified truck driver; and,
  • Defective parts and components, including tires, brake and steering systems, axles, and many others.

Seeking Compensation for Your Losses

The first step in the legal process after a truck accident is filing an insurance claim and attempting to settle. Insurers are often unwilling to pay fair compensation because your claim affects their bottom line. You will have to sue in court to obtain monetary damages.

Our Alabama truck accidents lawyers at Roger Varner Injury Law will pursue all potential parties to ensure you receive:

  1. Economic damages for your medical costs, lost income, and other out-of-pocket expenses to treat your injuries; and,
  2. Noneconomic damages for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other losses that impact your quality of life.

Consult with a Truck Accidents Attorney in Mobile, Alabama About Your Options

Challenges with truck crash claims can stand in the way of recovering fair compensation for your losses, so trust Roger Varner Injury Law for legal help. To learn more about your rights, please call our firm at (833) 482-7637 or visit our website to schedule a complimentary case evaluation with an Alabama truck accidents lawyer.