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What is a Birth Injury?

A birth injury is an injury sustained by a newborn during the childbirth process. These injuries can occur as a result of a variety of factors, including issues with the mother’s health, problems with the baby’s position in the womb, complications during delivery, or even outright malpractice by doctors and other medical providers. For families, dealing with a birth injury to a newborn can be extremely challenging. Sadly, some birth injuries may result in long-term health problems or disabilities for the affected child.

An Overview of the Most Common Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can come in a wide range of different forms. While some birth injuries are thankfully little more than minor bruising, other birth injuries can be extremely serious. Here is an overview of some of the most common birth injuries reported in Alabama: 

  • Brachial Plexus Injury: An injury to the nerves that control movement and sensation in the arm and hand.
  • Cerebral Palsy: A group of disorders that affect movement and coordination caused by brain damage that occurred before, during, or after birth.
  • Erb’s Palsy: A type of brachial plexus injury that affects the upper arm.
  • Bone Fractures: Broken bones can result during a traumatic birth, with the most common area of concern being the clavicle (collarbone).
  • Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE): Brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain.
  • Intracranial Hemorrhage: Bleeding inside the skull, which can be caused by a traumatic delivery or other factors.
  • Klumpke’s Palsy: A type of brachial plexus injury that affects the hand and fingers.
  • Spinal Cord Damage: Injuries to the spinal cord, which can result in paralysis or other disabilities.
  • Subconjunctival Hemorrhage: Bruising of the whites of the eyes, which can occur during a difficult delivery.

Understanding Alabama’s Medical Malpractice Laws

It is important to emphasize that a birth injury claim is generally a type of medical malpractice claim. When an infant is harmed during the birthing process due to the negligence of a doctor, hospital, or other health professional, they may be liable through a malpractice claim. These cases are governed by the legal standards and procedural requirements of the Alabama Medical Liability Act (AMLA). Most often, these types of claims are filed by the parents of the injured child. They can be complex and emotionally-challenging. It is crucial that your family has representation from a Mobile birth injury lawyer who has experience with Alabama’s medical malpractice laws. 

We Help Families Get Justice and Compensation in Birth Injury Claims

Did your infant sustain a physical injury during childbirth? It is imperative that your family is able to access the maximum compensation. You need justice, accountability, and financial support to help pay bills and other expenses. Unfortunately, health care providers and medical malpractice insurance companies want to resolve these cases for less. They fight to pay out as little as possible—even if they are clearly liable for a birth injury. Our Mobile, AL medical malpractice attorney fights to help families maximize their settlement or verdict, including for: 

  • Emergency medical treatment;
  • Hospital bills and other medical costs;
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitative care; 
  • Mental health counseling; 
  • Diminished earning potential;
  • Pain and suffering & mental anguish;
  • Permanent disability, disfigurement, and/or impairment. 

How Our Alabama Birth Injury Lawyer Can Help

Birth injury claims are notoriously complex. You do not have to take on a hospital, medical provider, or major insurance company alone. Our founder and managing attorney Roger Varner will guide you through every step of the legal process. When you reach out to our Mobile law office, you will an opportunity to consult with an Alabama medical malpractice attorney who can:

  • Listen to your story and answer questions about birth injury claims;
  • Investigate the case, gathering medical records and other key evidence;
  • Handle any settlement negotiations with insurance companies; and
  • Craft a personalized strategy to help you get the best results in your case. 

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