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Does a Car Accident Go On Your Record? Understanding the Impact

Car accidents can be highly distressing, leaving you with serious injuries, financial burdens, and concerns about their long-term consequences. One pressing question many face is whether the crash will appear on their driving record and affect insurance premiums. Below, our Alabama car accident lawyer sheds light on this matter to provide clarity.

All Accidents Appear on Your Driving Record

Regrettably, all car accidents, regardless of fault, will appear on your driving record. When seeking compensation for your injuries and losses, you must file an insurance claim. Informing your insurer about the crash is crucial, even if it wasn’t your fault, as they may cancel your policy otherwise. Once reported, the accident remains on your driving record.

Factors Influencing Insurance Premiums

The impact on your insurance premiums depends on various factors, such as fault, prior accidents, accident severity, age, gender, and vehicle type. Surprisingly, even when not at fault, your premiums may rise, especially if you have prior accidents on your record. Some states, like California and Oklahoma, forbid insurers from raising premiums after a non-fault crash.

At-Fault Accident Increase in Premiums

If you cause an accident, your insurance premiums are likely to increase by up to 28%, as reported by Time magazine. Typically, higher premiums persist for three to five years. Remaining accident-free during this period allows premiums to return to pre-accident levels.

Obtain Experienced Legal Support After a Crash

Though any accident affects your record, it’s essential to contest fault allegations. Being found liable results in significantly higher premium increases. At Roger Varner Injury Law, our skilled Alabama car accident lawyer can establish liability, protect your rights, and pursue the full compensation you deserve. Seek a free consultation by calling (833) 482-7637 or filling our online form to explore how our attorney can support your case.