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How to Start a Personal Injury Claim: A Comprehensive Guide

After experiencing a car crash, slip and fall, or any other accident, the days that follow can be bewildering. Prioritizing medical treatment for your injuries is essential to safeguard your well-being. Once you’ve received the necessary care, considering a personal injury claim against the negligent party becomes vital.

To embark on this journey, understanding the complexities involved is crucial. Below, our Alabama personal injury lawyer outlines the initial steps to take:

  1. Collect Compelling Evidence

Stating fault alone won’t suffice; strong evidence is necessary to prove your case. Gather pictures and video footage of the accident scene, hazardous conditions, property damage, and your injuries. Maintain a journal documenting injuries, medical treatment, pain levels, and lost wages due to work absence. Obtain names and contact details of witnesses who observed the accident, and relevant insurance coverage information.

  1. Send a Demand Letter

Often, personal injury cases commence with a demand letter sent by an attorney to the negligent party or their insurer. This letter details the negligence of the liable party and the compensation amount sought. Negotiations typically follow, making an experienced attorney invaluable in securing a fair settlement.

  1. File a Complaint with the Court

If the responsible party or insurer refuses an equitable settlement, filing a lawsuit might be necessary. Small claims court handles damages up to $6,000, while district courts handle cases between $6,000 and $20,000. Circuit courts preside over damages exceeding $20,000. While few cases reach trial, negotiations can persist until a resolution is reached.

Rest assured, our Personal Injury Lawyer in Alabama Can Guide You Through the Process

At Roger Varner Injury Law, our Alabama personal injury lawyer is committed to helping accident victims obtain the full damages they deserve. We’ll navigate the personal injury process, protect your rights, and work towards the most favorable outcome. Schedule a free consultation by calling (833) 482-7637 or contacting us online to gain the expert support you need to achieve justice and fair compensation.